New Delhi School of Applied Sciences
Advanced Education and Research for Industry and Trade.
Education and Research for Industry and Trade

New Delhi School of Applied Sciences is an Educational Institution and Research Center offering further education and need based research for Businesses active in Industry and Trade Sectors. We offer Companies educational services and conduct research projects to facilitate the Business of our Customer Enterprises.

Tailored Expertise
Most of our educational 
activities are arranged by 
contracted experts, so we
can always offer your employees 
the most professional education 
to meet your actual business 

Studies and Research to Improve Business

Educational Programs and Research Projects at New Delhi School of Applied Sciences are always tailored to meet to the actual needs of each Customer Enterprise. We plan the activities with starting point in your commercial needs and help you to be competitive in your area of business.

To mention a few examples, we may arrange education in the areas on Business Management, Customer Service, Product Design, Quality Control and Logistics. We can also conduct research to create basis for successful product development.

For Increased 
In today´s complex business
environment it is important your
team possesses optimal skills
and knowledge. Our educational
programs and tailored research
services are an effective way to
increase your competitiveness.

Research with Practical Applications

New Delhi School of Applied Sciences aims to conduct research and study projects that bring most practical value for our customers. Accordingly, our research focus is more weighted towards product and service related projects rather than basic research. Our mission is to design studies that bring results that are practically applicable within the industry and trade.

We also understand your need to protect your IP, so we conduct all the research projects with the discretion needed. Our industrial projects are most typically reported only to the customer who ordered the project.  
Focus on what matters  
We study subjects of relevance
for our Customer´s business.
We educate our customer´s
team members on topics
that make a difference in 
everyday business.  

Professional Teachers 
Most of our educational activities are arranged by contracted experts. In addition to face to face lessons,  we use the latest online teaching technologies, which makes the studies at New Delhi School of Applied Sciences both uniquely time-efficient and interactive. 
Latest Technology

Thanks to our close co-operation with several industrial sectors, we are able the utilize the state of the art technology in our research and educational activities.